Dean V Toscano

Dean V Toscano

Financial Adivisor

Dean was born and raised in Upstate NY.  His father was a professional golfer as well as a business owner who had a restaurant and 2 golf courses. For the first 13 years of his career he worked full time in ministry.  From their his entrepreneurial roots kicked in and eventually led him to see a need and the desire to add value to Physicians by helping them grow their practice and personal finances. He joined Capital Financial Group in Brentwood, TN in 2012. Finally reconnecting with Brian Cote a few years later, led him to GPWA, primarily because of how GPWA works with clients in a non-traditional, transparent manner with an independent and creative approach.

Dean loves to teach investing at seminars and meetings and believes in educating clients as to how different investments work and the fees associated with them.

Dean has been married for over 30 years and has raised two grown children who are both working professionals.  He has a degree from The University of North Carolina. He currently lives in Brentwood, TN, and is passionate about staying in shape and eating healthy. He also enjoys classic cars and traveling when not working. He remains very involved in church and puts the priority of God and family above all else. 

His cornerstone investment philosophy is “Invest according to your risk tolerance and time horizon. Be diversified. Have your money spread across many different asset classes”. He believes in stocks, mutual funds, fixed income securities, alternatives, and real estate.